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Redefining Success With Scorecards

During an engagement with a leading healthcare solutions provider, we were asked to identify success measures. We were then presented an opportunity to develop a measurement framework that would help the partner demonstrate success beyond typical metrics like opens and impressions.

New Solution factory
New Solution factory

Improving Selling Behaviors

A major pharmaceutical manufacturer found its sales force challenged to make headway with specific types of physicians across their portfolio.

Field Reps typically relied on product-centric tools and objection handling and questioning training but remained unable to influence target prescribing behaviors. In turn, they were losing market share and saw decreased HCP loyalty. By auditing sales training curricula and tools, we recognized the manufacturer lacked a customer-centric selling model.

Opening New Markets with CRM

Designing an innovative but profitable relationship marketing program for a new market category.

Our client was open to launching a multichannel CRM program for a new product that was poised to change the treatment paradigm in its category. We quickly assembled a senior consulting team with expertise in experience planning, behavioral science, Pro-forma modeling, and content development.

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