Predicting Patient Behavior Improves the Brand Message

Few questions give healthcare marketers more heart palpitations than this one: “How do you know it will work?”

Innovators in Life Sciences Webinar

Managing partner Natanya Wachtel joins Within3 to show how healthcare brands can take social listening to the next level of customer insight.

This Year, Ignore Cost at Your Own Risk

Shrugging shoulders and dissociating from pharma’s cost issue isn’t a good strategy. Not this year, writes Factory specialist Jeff Greene.

Patient Listening: Is Pharma Doing It Right?

For pharma companies and their agencies to make “patient-centric” platitudes reality, they must see patients differently.

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To Come Out on Top, You Can’t Fear Failure

Business leaders need courage, humility, and trust to be successful, argues Factory specialist, Natanya Wachtel, PhD

What Healthcare Brands Can Learn from Retailers about MCRM

Retail brands are among the most successful at using multichannel customer relationship marketing (MCRM) to grow sales and margins. Healthcare brands can learn from them.

Download the Three Social Patients Study

How do you connect with patients on social media? And what specifically are they looking for from pharma?

We spoke with social patients managing a variety of chronic diseases, from hemophilia to multiple sclerosis. What jumped out in our study: most patients who tweet and blog about their condition said they would be willing to share information from pharma with their social followers

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